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Close New Gen V2 Pop-In Modern Cloth Nappy Review

Added on 10 February 2017 in Close, Darlings Downunder

We are thrilled that Victoria's (from Squiggles and Bubbles and supporter member of the Australian Nappy Association) sister-in-law is writing some guest posts for us as she uses cloth nappies for the first time with her newborn baby! It's the turn of the Close Pop-In All-in-2 Modern Cloth Nappy today. [And you can find Victoria's own review of this popular nappy here!]

Close Pop-In Cloth Nappy: Mummy A's Review

Mummy A is a stay-at-home mum to newborn baby girl, Squishels and loving, wife of Daddy J. In her free time, she enjoys studying early childhood development and psychology, as well as sharing her experiences as a parent on blogs like Squiggles and Bubbles.

 Hi there! Mummy A here with 4 month old Squishels. Whilst being born big at 4.08kg and 53cm long, Squishel's has evened out to being fairly average at about 6.5kg and 63cm long. She's becoming very interested in food (and very skillful at using a spoon!), and enjoys playing with a toy owl that tugs to play music (much to my delight - I love owls!).

We use cloth nappies and cloth wipes full time, and Squishels is still exclusively breastfed. Waking up two or three times a night, we haven't needed to splurge on night-time nappies yet as we usually change them each time she wakes (and have done 5 hours at a time without any leaks on a few occasions). That being said, the Close Pop-ins are our favourite during the night, with leak-proof leg elastics, very absorbent inserts and fumble-proof fits with Velcro.

Our washing routine s fairly simple, especially whilst Squishels is exclusively breastfed as the breastfed poops can wash straight out in the washing machine, and so is fairly similar to the Australian Nappy Association’s factsheet. We store our nappies in a large wetbag in a nappy pail, until nighttime when I unsnap and put all of that day's nappies in the washing machine and set a long cold wash to finish when we wake up in the morning. I then roll out of bed after Squishel's first morning feed and put away the day before's nappies and hang out that morning's load of nappies (typically inside, but with ample access to sunlight). We use an eco-friendly laundry liquid with no optical brighteners or softeners.

In our collection, we have two Close Pop-in’s that we use regularly, with 5 more to come including a night-time booster (so excited for that fluff-mail - the Close Pop-In Little Box package in pastel!).

I remember when I first saw one of these nappies, and my overwhelming emotion was confusion. There were buttons and snaps everywhere, and strange Velcro bits and pieces. Once I got used to how it worked though, it became really easy to use to get a good fit with great absorbency - it will typically hold a newborns pees and two-day long poops (why a baby holds in their poop for this long, I can only guess!) really well. We did have one massive blowout through the leg though, that saw me showering at 2am!

However, with great absorbency comes longer drying time, and I will typically use a microfleece liner against the bamboo insert just to give my baby a little softer feel. The closure is Velcro, something I was originally hesitant about, but the hidden ‘laundry tabs’ saved that ‘fault’ for me because then the Velcro doesn’t stick and pull at all my other nappy inners in the wash. I've also come to love Velcro, because I can always trust that I'll get a good fit and seal on my baby's weird body (seriously, it's weird: her waist is tiny with unevenly chubby thighs!). It’s also a fairly trim fit, although the wider crotch can seem a little awkward on smaller babies. Also, due to the coloured inserts, there has been no problems with staining either, and they have some cute prints and colours!

Keeping in mind how long it takes to dry, but how well it fits and how absorbent it is, I’d have to give this nappy a 4/5!



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