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Close New Gen V2 Pop-In Cloth Nappy Review

Added on 24 October 2016 in Close, Darlings Downunder

Victoria from Squiggles and Bubbles (and supporter member of the Australian Nappy Association) is our gorgeous guest poster! Here's her review of the Close 'New Gen V2' Pop-In Nappy.

Close Pop-In One Size AI2 Cloth Nappy: Victoria's Review

Hi there! As I’ve previously said in my reviews of the Seedling Baby Multi Fit Nappy and Pikapu One Size AIO Nappy, my daughter Jelly Bean, was born 8lb 10.5oz and 52cm long. She fit into OSFM nappies as soon as we brought her home from hospital at 3 days old.


We’ve been using the Close Pop In Bamboo Nappy in a high rotation along with other OSFM nappies since Jelly Bean was three weeks old.

When choosing nappies I normally opt for OSFM and snaps as my previous experience with velcro closures is that the velcro wears each time you wash it, if you don’t fold the tabs they wreck your nappies and velcro is A LOT easier for little hands to undo! That hasn’t been my experience with the Close Pop In though…although Jelly Bean is only 8months old so not quite up to attempting to take nappies off yet!

The nappy comes with a soft waterproof cover and a bamboo soaker and booster.

While I was recovering from my hernia op and staying with my parents my Mum struggled with the soaker. It is so trim that she couldn’t believe it would be very absorbent, however being made of bamboo it really is very absorbent and the nappy has easily contained everything JB has thrown at it.

I found the way the soaker is attached interesting. The front of the soaker snaps in firmly with two sturdy snaps but the back pops in with two poppers attached on thin fabric strips.


When washing time comes I feel I have to be more gentle than usual so as not to rip the fabric…I’m not sure if that’s me being over cautious though. I mean, after 8 months use the nappy still looks brand new!

The nappy was a great fit from a very early age; nice and firm around the waist and whilst there was a teeny-tiny gap around the legs nothing ever escaped!

I also love how the wash tabs are hidden so the wash tabs aren’t up against bub’s body.

My only complaint is that once JB wore the nappy without a singlet and wound up with a red line across her tummy from where the Velcro rubbed her but as I don’t usually use Velcro nappies I’m unsure if this is just something that happens with Velcro nappies. Wearing a singlet has prevented it happening again though.

Our final verdict? At the end of the day it does it’s job well holding poos and wees, it washes well, dries ok (the soaker and booster take a long time to dry - I recommend buying a second set so you can have one in use and one drying), fits from newborn and is very trim so it gets a thumbs up from us!



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