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Close Minkee Pop-In March Minkee Madness Promotion!

Added on 01 March 2012 in Close, Sales & Promotions

It's appropriate that on the day we start the Close Pop-In 'March Minkee Madness' that here in Melbourne it's cold and wet and miserable! Just the sort of weather that means it takes longer to get your nappies dry if you don't want to resort to the dryer.

At these awkward times of year when it's not cold enough to have the heater on inside and hang your nappies on a clothes horse, but unpredictable showers drench the washing on your line, it's great to have a few fast drying cloth nappies in your stash.

One of the best fast drying nappies is the Minkee version of the Pop-In from Close. We have a special deal running this March where you can get FREE Close Minkee Pop-Ins!

This represents a great deal since both these packages are reduced already!
If you buy a Little Box this month you get 6 Minkee Pop-Ins (including the freebie) plus a Nighttime Booster for $160 - that's a discount of 29% off the RRP of $224.

And the saving are even more if you purchase a Middle Box. You get 12 Minkee Pop-Ins (including the 2 freebies), 3 Nighttime Boosters, a Wetbag and a roll of 80 Liners all for $310 - a whopping 35% off the RRP of $475! 
Don't delay adding some of these great nappies to your stash!


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