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Cheeky Wipes Cloth Wipes Kits

Added on 05 December 2014 in Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky Wipes is the ORIGINAL and the best cloth wipes system. Created by a mum, Helen, in 2008 to provide a simple, easy to use, one-handed (truly!) way for people to use cloth wipes, this has become a staple product for many parents.

We caught up with Brent from Cheeky Wipes Australia at the Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo in Melbourne in October and asked him to demonstrate how to use the Cheeky Wipes All-in-One Kit (sorry about the background noise!):

The Cheeky Wipes system is incredible well designed and is of a high quality construction. And the All-in-One Kit is designed to be easy to use with all types of nappies - they're popular with disposable nappy users as well!

And if you love the idea, but you use cloth nappies so already have a nappy bucket or wetbag and don't want to double up, then check out the Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit - perfect if you only need the cloth wipes and 'fresh' parts of the Cheeky Wipes system.


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