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Camping with Nappies

Added on 07 January 2009

Happy New Year to you all!

I have often camped with nappies- this will probably be my last time for a while :(  My daughter is toilet trained EXCEPT for number two's.....which she insists on using nappies for......so whilst on our recent camping trip over Christmas, I thought I would take some snap shots of my nappies on line.  Ok- I must confess- I usually hang them microfleece pointing to the sun....but this looks much better for the camera :)  AND- I can't tell you how many people approached me about cloth nappies whilst hanging them online- what a great advertising campaign lol- go camping and hang nappies on the washing line during their peak season!


Posted by Jane on 07 January 2009

Oh they look so cute all lined up. We also managed to use cloth the whole time we were away too. 4 days in a beach holiday home and 4 days in a serviced apartment in the centre of Brisbane city. I'm sure that must have been a strange sight to the offices surrounding us - nappies on a airer on the balcony!

Posted by Kristen Cook on 07 January 2009

How gorgeous are you?? LOL

Posted by Karla on 07 January 2009

They look great on the line - did they enjoy the holiday? LOL

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