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Call Out for Cloth Nappies for Home for Disadvantaged Mums in Thailand

Added on 10 May 2013 in Darlings Downunder, Nappy charity

Can you help? Do you have any cloth nappies (any type) that you don’t need? They can be used, but must be clean and in excellent condition. We've received a call out cloth for nappies from the Home of the Swallow - a home for mothers and babies - in Thailand.

The cloth nappy options available locally are very thin, poor quality fabrics, and disposable nappies are just not a long term option - they are too expensive and create other issues, so they're asking for our help.

The Home of the Swallow supports disadvantaged and single mothers who come from impoverished or abusive circumstances. Their vision is to reduce the number of children being abandoned, sold or forcibly given up for adoption.

Each year in Thailand, many women feel forced to relinquish their children because of lack of support from their family and society. Many feel they have bought shame to their family or that their parents would disown them because of their pregnancy. Others lack financial, emotional and physical support to care for their children on their own. The Home of the Swallow provides a safe place for these women.

At the Home of the Swallow they help the women to gain the independence needed to be able to care for themselves and their child by teaching them vocational, parenting & life skills, including financial management. They also provide counselling, spiritual and emotional support as well as all necessities such as food, housing and medical supplies. For those already on the path to independent living they provide safe, healthy, and affordable childcare for their children while they are at work.

Some students from Maranatha Christian School in Melbourne will be volunteering at the home in June, so will be able to take donated nappies with them directly to the Home of the Swallow.

Please email us if you'd like to donate some nappies, and we will let you know the address (in Melbourne) the donations need to be sent to.

Every donated nappy is appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


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