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NEW: BumGenius Big Reusable Nappy for Older Children

Added on 05 January 2018 in BumGenius, New arrivals, Toilet training   |   0 comments

What do you do if you need a reusable nappy for older children? January 2021 Update! You can find the Grovia Big ONE Nappy here. This is a great option for older kids now available!! There aren't a great number of options. Most modern cloth nappies have a weight range up to about 16-18kg depending on the brand. This means while there are some 5 year olds (depending on their size/build) that will fit these, most children will grow out of them some time between 3-4 years, and some children ... READ MORE

Very Fluffy Christmas Giveaway: 3 Muslin Swaddle Wraps

Added on 04 December 2017 in BumGenius, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions   |   11 comments

Beautifully soft muslin wraps are the perfect gift for new parents or baby showers. We have a gorgeously packaged pack of three BumGenius muslin swaddles to give away as part of our Very Fluffy Christmas!     A muslin wrap is a super versatile item - use it for swaddling your baby (especially fabulous over summer), use it as a shade cover on your pram or car window, a burp cover, a lightweight blanket for tummy time when you're out and about, or a scarf. You can even use it as a nappy!... READ MORE

Mixed Brand and Style Cloth Nappy Trial Pack

Added on 22 February 2017 in Bambooty, Bubblebubs, BumGenius, Darlings Downunder   |   0 comments

Researching cloth nappies, overwhelmed, and not sure what to buy? Our discounted Mixed Starter Pack provides 6 bestsellling, one-size-fits-most modern cloth nappies in a variety of styles with different features. This pack includes a BumGenius Freetime AIO Nappy, a Close Pop-In Bamboo All-in-2 Nappy, a Pikapu One Size AIO Nappy, a Thirsties One Size Pocket Nappy, a Bambooty Basics All-in-2 Nappy, and a Bubblebubs Candies AI2 Nappy.     Discover what nappies will work best fo... READ MORE

NEW BumGenius Elemental Organic Nappy Redesign

Added on 30 October 2016 in BumGenius, New arrivals   |   0 comments

Just this week, the brand new version of the BumGenius Elemental Organic All-in-One Cloth Nappy has arrived at Darlings Downunder! We only have the limited edition Equiano print in stock at the moment, but other colours/prints are on their way and the full colour range should be released by BumGenius before the end of November, and we'll have them very soon after. Ever since we heard that a new Elemental was being released (just a couple of weeks ago!), we've been asked how this brand new Elem... READ MORE

BumGenius & Flip Limited Edition 'Sierpinski' Available

Added on 10 February 2016 in BumGenius, Flip, New arrivals   |   0 comments

  Bumgenius' latest limited edition print 'Sierpinski' has now landed in Australia, and we have stock available in 5.0 Pocket nappies, organic Elemental AIO nappies, and Flip One Size Covers ready to post now.      Sierpinski is a fabulous fractal print in greens, red and blue. As with all of Bumgenius' 'Genius' prints, this one is named for an exceptional character. Wac?aw Sierpi?ski was a Polish mathematician known for his work on set theory, number theory and the the... READ MORE

12 Fluffy Days of Christmas Giveaway - BumGenius 5.0 Nappy

Added on 12 December 2015 in BumGenius, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions   |   18 comments

It's the very last day of our 12 Fluffy Days of Christmas celebration! Today we're giving away the very newest nappy to join us here at Darlings HQ - the latest version of the bestselling BumGenius Pocket Nappy - the Original 5.0! There are some new colours available too!   To enter our giveaway, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven’t already), then leave a comment below letting us know your favourite BumGenius 5.0 colour. Don't forget that we will be giving away a voucher for the... READ MORE

Comparison of BumGenius 4.0 Pocket, Freetime, and Elemental Cloth Nappies

Added on 08 July 2015 in BumGenius   |   0 comments

BumGenius have three different cloth nappies in their lineup (their parent company, Cotton Babies, also manufactures the Flip brand, which have the same colours and look, just to confuse matters!) and we're always being asked what the differences are between the 4.0 Pocket Nappy, the Freetime All-in-One Nappy and the Elemental All-in-One Nappy. Let's start with the similarities: these are all One Size nappies fitting from birth (or close to) to toilet training and adjust to fit with a snap dow... READ MORE

BumGenius 'Patch' Limited Edition Print Nappies Available

Added on 22 May 2015 in BumGenius, New arrivals   |   0 comments

  Bumgenius' latest limited edition print 'Patch' has now landed in Australia, and we have stock available in 4.0 Pocket nappies, Freetime All-in-One nappies, and organic Elemental AIO nappies ready to post now. Patch is a gorgeous butterfly print. As with all of Bumgenius' 'Genius' prints, this one is named for an exceptional character. When she was a child, Edith Patch won a contest for an essay on monarch butterflies. Passionate about bugs and ecology, Patch tried to get a job in ent... READ MORE