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Bubblebubs Change Mat Giveaway

Added on 19 October 2015 in Bubblebubs, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

Bubblebubs have launched three new prints and to celebrate we're giving away three Bubblebubs Minky Change Mats - one in each of the gorgeous new prints Skittles, Rocket Pop and Jellybean. [Yes, we have these prints available in the Bubblebubs Candies nappies too!]




(Rocket Pop)



Three lucky people will each win one of these luscious minky change mats - perfect for lining your change table or keeping in your nappy bag. It also makes a fab gift.


(Us checking out the gorgeous new prints and changemats on launch day)

To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already), then leave a comment below letting us know which print is your favourite and why.

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: Here are the winners:

  • Skittles Change Mat: Ivonne
  • Rocket Pop Change Mat: Olivia Lyon
  • Jellybean Change Mat: Marisol Dunham

Please email us to claim your prize before 3 November 2015.



Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entry must be posted/received between 19 to 25 October 2015
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winner will be announced here Monday 26 October 2015



Posted by Lori on 19 October 2015

I love Jellybean because I'm a sucker for green! Although they are all lovely prints =)

Posted by rebekah on 19 October 2015

I absolutely love Rocket Pop! Would be an awesome gift for my Lil nephew who is due to arrive in the new year!

Posted by Angela Stasse on 20 October 2015

I love rocket pop. It is fun and happy and the mix of colours is perfect for a happy day.

Posted by Olivia lyon on 20 October 2015

Rocket Pop!! Perfect for boys or girls, love it!

Posted by melissa on 20 October 2015

Rocketpop. I change so many nappies, after all that practice, I think I'm getting as fast as a rocket!

Posted by Becci on 20 October 2015

Jellybean! Perfect for a bubbie boy or girl- which is great as I don't know what I'm having :) Due in 1 months ahhhhhhh

Posted by Luciana Davidson on 20 October 2015

Jellybean! Thank you! ????

Posted by Stacey on 21 October 2015

Rocket Pop would be perfect for my little rocket man! I love the colours ??

Posted by Dioh Paguia on 21 October 2015

I love the Rocket Pop because the chevron print/colors are a very refreshing color!

Posted by Holly Yeatman on 21 October 2015

Skittles looks fab we love circles and dots at the moment!

Posted by Jo Loesch on 22 October 2015

I love Rocket Pop! I love to be able to add colour to everything getting this out of my nappy bag to change on will make every nappy change even brighter!

Posted by Rita on 22 October 2015

Oooh, it's a hard choice! But I guess I will say skittles :-)

Posted by Jemma Thomas on 22 October 2015

Loving Skittles. The pops of different colours make it fun and funky! :)

Posted by Louise Smith on 22 October 2015

Skittles ... Perfect boy or girl pattern with bright colours for a lovely upcoming summer.

Posted by Marisol Dunham on 22 October 2015

I love Jellybean because it lives up to its name - bright pops of color on a fresh background!

Posted by Amy Niciforovic on 22 October 2015

Jelly bean makes me want to eat all the jelly beans!

Posted by Eleanor Spence on 22 October 2015

Love the Jellybeans! I have definitely been waiting for some change mat fun like the Jellybeans ????

Posted by Monika Colic on 22 October 2015

I love Rocket Pop as stripes are my favorite, especially unusual ones!

Posted by Amy on 22 October 2015

I love the mix of soft but beautiful colours of the jellybean! I don't have a travel change mat so one of these would be a real treat! Thank you!

Posted by laura on 22 October 2015

Rocket pop would be awesome to pop in my nappy bag for my little pocket rocket.

Posted by Jenni on 22 October 2015

Jellybean is gorgeous. And love the fact all their nappies and mats are named after different candies - how appropriate!

Posted by Bek scott on 22 October 2015

Love the jelly bean.

Posted by Michelle on 22 October 2015

I love Jellybean! All of my fave colours are there ;-)

Posted by Kaylie on 22 October 2015

A Bubblebubs Minky change mat in Jellybean is our favourite this time! What a beautiful soft mat for my newborn to lie on.

Posted by Dee on 22 October 2015

I love the skittles design - such lovely bright colours, plus - who doesn't love being reminded of yummy candy at the same time!

Posted by Emma on 22 October 2015

Jellybean is colourful, cheerful and gender neutral

Posted by Lauren Cross on 22 October 2015

Rocket Pop is gorgeous, but I also love the Jelly Bean! Eeep! So cute and colourful!

Posted by tanya on 22 October 2015

Skittles please. It looks so cute, would love to have my little man lie in it and be ready to get change!

Posted by Naomi on 22 October 2015

I love all the new patterns, but jellybeans has a funky retro vibe going on...totally my style!

Posted by Michelle on 22 October 2015

Rocket pop, it's beautiful and lively. Really fun popping colours. :)

Posted by Carly Hayes on 22 October 2015

I love all the new prints as there so bright and colourful, but my fave is jelly bean as aqua is my favourite colour.

Posted by Laura Pearce-wilson on 22 October 2015

I love rocket pop, because the colours are so bright and so different from the plain navy boring mat that came with my nappy bag

Posted by Ivonne on 22 October 2015

Love the skittles. They are as cheeky as my little monkey!

Posted by Erica Majdandzic on 22 October 2015

I love jellybean! The print is nearly as scrumptious as my little princess who was born on Monday :)

Posted by Joy Bornstein on 22 October 2015

I can't decide between Rocket and Jellybean! They're both beautiful.

Posted by Alison on 22 October 2015

Jellybean! Definitely the brightest and cutest colours!

Posted by Sky Waylor on 22 October 2015

Skittles is my fave print! Takes me back to my childhood, me & my sibs went a bit crazy when we tasted Skittles for the first time. *sigh* happy memories!

Posted by Merydith on 22 October 2015

I love the skittles minky change mat as it has beautiful colours.

Posted by Rochelle Brown on 22 October 2015

Love the jellybean change mat... such beautiful colours. ?

Posted by Belinda Smith on 22 October 2015

Jellybean!!! ?? So pretty, and green is bubs' favourite colour. All her favourite toys are green. Maybe she will keep still during change time with a green change mat?!

Posted by Brioni Scouler on 22 October 2015

Love the jellybean print. Bright, fun and fresh!

Posted by Leanne on 22 October 2015

Jellybean. Loving the green colour

Posted by Marie Lawn on 22 October 2015

Delicious names to match the delicious prints, how could one resist? And in beautiful soft minky fabric none the less. Who wouldn't want one of these in their nappy bag? Perfect for a quick bum change on the go, (but perhaps not in the snow). After a dip in the pool, Or somewhere to sit while you drool?

Posted by Emmeline on 22 October 2015

Loving Rocket pop, the colours with the chevron make it such a FUN pattern x

Posted by Nancy on 22 October 2015

Good to keep in nappies bag because i always forget to bring one. Mine is so bulky

Posted by kylie on 22 October 2015

Our little jellybean is always jumping. Maybe a lovely soft change mat would be enough to convince her to lay still for a nappy change. ????

Posted by Carissa on 22 October 2015

Jellybean, i love! Just so cute!

Posted by Katrina on 22 October 2015

All of the prints are adorable, though my favourite would have to be Skittles, it is so bright and bubbly.

Posted by Sarah on 23 October 2015

We love polka dots, bright colours and lollies...so skittles would have to be the favourite! Though they all gorgeous and are fabulous for boys or girls, which I LOVE <3

Posted by Greta on 23 October 2015

Hard to pick but I'd go with skittles! So colorful and bright for a new bubba!

Posted by Kristy on 24 October 2015

I love the skittles print as it is nice and colorful and incorporates all of my favourite colours. It is a fun print that will make nappy changes so much nicer :D

Posted by Corinne P on 24 October 2015

Skittles because not only is my little man's personality as colourful and bright as the rainbow, so's his poop ;)

Posted by Becky on 25 October 2015

I love the jellybean print. Such lovely colours and I love the pattern :-)

Posted by Julia B on 25 October 2015

I love Skittles! Such a bright and colourful pattern that is not too in your face :-)

Posted by Jodie Johnston on 25 October 2015

I love skittles because it bright, vibrant and fun and embodies everything I love about using MCNs.

Posted by Jenna on 25 October 2015

Skittles! So funky and colourful. Great gender neutral design :)

Posted by Lynda M on 26 October 2015

I love the colourful, bright and happy skittles print. I've been a lolly monster this pregnancy and the rainbow colours would be perfect for our beautiful new rainbow due in the next 4 weeks.

Posted by Mindy on 26 October 2015

I love skittles!! the colours & pattern are awesome!

Posted by Lauren. on 26 October 2015

I honestly love them all I think all could be for a boy or girl

Posted by Rebecca on 26 October 2015

I love the skittles! We have a bit of a colourful spots theme going in my bub's nursery so will match so well. Plus the added bonus of being able to use such an amazing product

Posted by ingrid ryan on 26 October 2015

i love any of the designs ... that will brighten my so boring son's bedroom...

Posted by Georgina on 28 October 2015

They are all lovely and gender neutral (for those of us staying strong and sheilding our eyes from baby's privates at untrasounds!) but I think jellybean edges just ahead for me. It has a very soothing element which is great when dealing with nappy explosions!

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