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Spring means toilet learning!

Added on 14 September 2013 in Brolly Sheets, Close, Flip, GroVia, Super Undies, Toilet training   |   0 comments

Who's planning on starting toilet learning now that spring is here?We have a range of products to help little toilet learners (and their parents!) including mattress and car seat protectors as well some great options for training pants.Brolly Sheet Mattress ProtectorsClose Car Seat ProtectorsFlip Training PantsGroVia My Choice TrainersSuper Undies 'Snap On' Potty Training PantsSuper Undies 'Pull On' Potty Training PantsSuper Undies Bedwetter Pants... READ MORE

Brolly Sheets Day!

Added on 05 September 2011 in Brolly Sheets, Toilet training   |   0 comments

We're continuing our toilet training/learning week here at Darlings Downunder. The fabulous Super Undies trainers are still at 20% off, and today's special is 15% off Brolly Sheets!Brolly Sheets are a fantastic product to help make nights a little easier on you and your bedwetter. They are 100% cotton top mattress protectors, made with waterproof, yet breathable PUL backing which is soft & quiet. There's no PVC, and they can be tumble dried.               &... READ MORE