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Brand new prints from SoftBums!

Added on 31 August 2014 in New arrivals, SoftBums

Look what has arrived at Darlings HQ! The new (gorgeous) SoftBums cloth nappy colours Puddle, Froggy and Love Blossom! So pretty...


SoftBums nappies have 'Slide2Size' adjustable leg elastic, making it possible for their nappies to fit any size baby - including newborns with skinny legs. A tiny unobtrusive toggle means you can adjust the leg elastic - even when the baby is wearing it!

There are two typpes of shell: Echo - a pure All-in-2 style that you can snap inserts (or 'pods') into:

and Omni - which can be used as a pocket, All-in-2 or a cover. While otherwise similarly designed, the Omni is wider in the crotch, so is better for night boosting:


These brand new colours are only available in velcro closures (sorry, snaps lovers!), with Love Blossom an Echo print, Froggy an Omni print and Puddle available in both Echo and Omni.

Please note that the Bamboo One Size Super Pods (inserts) are still not available & we only have a handful of them left. We have lots of Dry One Size Touch Super Pods, though, and they are a really thirsty, stay dry option!


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