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Behind the Brand: RAWr Nappies

Added on 26 May 2014 in Behind the Brand, Ethical manufacture, RAWr Nappies

RAWr Nappies is run by Erin and Anna in gorgeous Tasmania and we asked Erin a while ago to share with us a bit about who makes their nappies, and the importance they placed in finding just the right people. So, here's Erin sharing her passion for ethical manufacture of cloth nappies:

Let me start by saying, I know as consumers we are swamped with choice. I find myself making more and more choices based on issues I never even knew existed before I began bumbling through this parenting minefield. But, as part of building RAWr Nappies, and learning about how nappies are manufactured it has become increasingly alarming just how important it is to consider the moral, human impact our purchases cost as well.

We are often overwhelmed with the impact our buying decisions make and it’s easy to shut these out, but unfortunately that doesn’t make the problem go away. It doesn’t take much to consider our choices, I know the ethics of purchasing mass produced goods is so emotional, but like budgeting or eco-living it only takes little steps here and there and before you know it ethical manufacturing is something you can start looking for in your shopping as well.

Darlings Downunder, as well as being a highly respected and informative eco friendly business, are concerned about the ethics of their choices and as part of their commitment to this they have asked me to share some information about ourselves with you.

RAWr Nappies are proudly manufactured in China. Yep, we’ve been taught ‘Made in China’ means sweatshop right? OK, I’ll give you that - many items made in China are made in sweatshops, but hold on to your hat… Guess what? Many products branded ‘Australian made’ are produced in sweatshop conditions too. Sadly, it’s a fact - all over the world people in the manufacturing trade are being exploited. Let me give it to you straight, at RAWr Nappies we don’t care what country our products are made in, we are all humans. We are all worth the same. Whether we live in Asia, Europe or little ol’ Australia. But you know what we do care about here? It’s the impact of our choices on the people we do business with and the people who do business with us.

So, RAWr Nappies are proudly manufactured in China. By a small family owned and operated business situated in a peaceful, clean and well maintained area of the country. Manufactured by good humoured, kind and happy people whom I have happened to develop a rewarding and fascinating relationship with. We share our experiences in life and parenting, these make up many exchanges that don’t have anything to do with business transactions. Members of my family have been welcomed into their home and workspace and I look forward to meeting them myself in the future too.

Photos taken by Erin's parents on a visit to the RAWr factory

China is a country pioneering ecologically sustainable practices. The kind people who make RAWr Nappies are also committed to finding ecologically sustainable solutions and an example of this is shown in the bamboo they use, it is sustainably grown in non-polluted regions of the country. It is also OEKO-TEX 100 certified meaning it has met rigid safety standards for use in baby products.

So although it’s hard to resist a $5-10 nappy over a $25 nappy, the price difference is there because of different approaches to manufacturing and their relative production costs. Like everything in life, I wholeheartedly believe that you get what you pay for - in terms of quality, performance, customer service and importantly ethics.

I hope you have enjoyed reading more about RAWr Nappies, as with all the products Darlings Downunder proudly stock, you can be assured they are a considered and thoughtful choice in nappying your children.

Keep your head up high and your cornflour dry,

Erin D.
Co-owner and Nappy Nerd,
RAWr Nappies – natural, sustainable, affordable modern cloth.


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