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Behind the Brand: Close

Added on 07 July 2014 in Behind the Brand, Close, Environmental considerations, Ethical manufacture

Close was started by two UK mums who were already running their own businesses focussed on baby carrying and reusable nappies. Martine Carroll and Claire Scott started the Close Parent company in 2004.  They launched their incredible popular carrier in 2007 (later revamped as the Caboo+organic in 2011), with the first version of the award winning Pop-In reusable nappy a year later.

Ethical manufacture is incredibly important at Close. The nappies are made in a factory in China which is co-owned by one of the Close directors, so they are able to have much more control over social responsibility issues than many manufacturers. The factory was purpose built in 2007 to provide a safe, high quality workplace. Fair wages, decent holidays and onsite meals are part of the package that employees are provided with. Close directors personally inspect the factory twice a year.


Close pays a very fair price for product manufacture to ensure the working conditions and social responsibility of the factory can be upheld. The location of the factory was deliberately chosen to help keep the environmental cost of production and the carbon footprint down as all the fabrics are also produced locally.


Close in 2014 continues to be a family centred company run by mums with the key objective of producing good ideas for great parents. Supporting them is a dedicated team of passionate and creative individuals as Close products grow in popularity around the world.

If you haven't tried a Close product yet, take a closer look at them here. The range includes carriers, nappies, car seat protectors, bibs and a selection of great products for parents.

It is Close's genuine love of all things baby, that has created a range of award winning ideas, designed and manufactured to exacting standards in order to deliver the best experience.


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