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Behind the Brand: BumGenius & Flip

Added on 05 January 2013 in Behind the Brand, BumGenius, Ethical manufacture, Flip

Jenn Labit started her company, Cotton Babies, in 2002 with $100 worth of product in a tiny green milkcrate stored on a shelf in her kitchen. It grew from there to a bookshelf, then a closet, then a bedroom, then a basement and finally, the business exploded into commercial space. 

In 2005, Jenn and husband, Jimmy, created the first BumGenius One-Size Reusable Diaper. The intent behind the BumGenius brand was to make cloth nappies easy enough for anyone to use - to make them as easy as a disposable. The BumGenius Onesize Pocket Nappy (now in its 4.0 incarnation) is now known around the world. More recently they developed the BumGenius Elemental All-in-One nappy using certified organic cotton, and the super fast drying BumGenius Freetime All-in-One nappy.

In 2009, Jenn and Cotton Babies developed and launched the best selling Flip System, a hybrid nappying system. Flip provides parents with an affordable hybrid All-in-Two system. Options include organic inserts, stay-dry inserts and a disposable insert. The Flip Training Pants are also been added to the lineup and are proving very popular.


The Bumgenius and Flip nappies are made in Cotton Babies facilities in Colorado, USA and Alexandria, Egypt (with some production in Pakistan and China) where they are committed to providing workers with fair and ethical wages and conditions. [Update 2013: Cotton Babies have returned production of all their nappies to the USA].

Today, Jenn is focused on raising the standard of excellence in the baby industry through creative designs and unique marketing approaches. Her goals are continued growth of the cloth nappies in an effort to reduce waste and raise the standard of living in areas her company has influence. Cotton Babies reaches out to local families through programs designed to get cloth nappies in the hands of the less fortunate. Cotton Babies also provides cloth diapers to thousands of missionaries through their Diaper Grant program. 


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