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Jasmine from Jasmine Illustrations & the new Seedling Baby prints

Added on 12 December 2020 in Behind the Brand, Darlings Downunder, Seedling Baby   |   0 comments

Last week, we welcomed Jasmine from Jasmine Illustrations into the shop for a live interview we broadcast on Instagram and Facebook. Jasmine is one of our lovely customers and an artist who has designed (among other things) a number of prints for different cloth nappy brands. Jasmine designed the gorgeous new Seedling Baby prints and we chatted about a cloth nappy print designer and what went into the latest Seedlings Baby prints. Here's the video: ... READ MORE

Behind the Brand: Close

Added on 07 July 2014 in Behind the Brand, Close, Environmental considerations, Ethical manufacture   |   0 comments

Close was started by two UK mums who were already running their own businesses focussed on baby carrying and reusable nappies. Martine Carroll and Claire Scott started the Close Parent company in 2004.  They launched their incredible popular carrier in 2007 (later revamped as the Caboo+organic in 2011), with the first version of the award winning Pop-In reusable nappy a year later. Ethical manufacture is incredibly important at Close. The nappies are made in a factory in China which is co... READ MORE

Behind the Brand: Tots Bots

Added on 17 June 2014 in Behind the Brand, Environmental considerations, Ethical manufacture, Tots Bots   |   0 comments

Fiona Smyth designed and made the first Tots Bots cloth nappies using an old towel in October 2000 for her own baby. "I was pretty surprised at how well my prototypes worked and took a very brave step….I ordered a 50 metre roll of towelling! I made some for friends and the feedback was really positive. I sent samples to a couple of internet nappy retailers (there were only about 8 at the time!) and they loved the nappies and placed their first orders immediately. At that point I didn’t even ... READ MORE

Behind the Brand: RAWr Nappies

Added on 26 May 2014 in Behind the Brand, Ethical manufacture, RAWr Nappies   |   0 comments

RAWr Nappies is run by Erin and Anna in gorgeous Tasmania and we asked Erin a while ago to share with us a bit about who makes their nappies, and the importance they placed in finding just the right people. So, here's Erin sharing her passion for ethical manufacture of cloth nappies: Let me start by saying, I know as consumers we are swamped with choice. I find myself making more and more choices based on issues I never even knew existed before I began bumbling through this parenting minefield. ... READ MORE

Behind the Brand: Baby Beehinds

Added on 18 January 2014 in Baby Beehinds, Behind the Brand, Ethical manufacture   |   0 comments

Baby BeeHinds was started in Townsville in 2004 by Davina Casey when she sewed nappies for her daughter and it soon grew into one of Australia's best known nappy brands. Davina and Patrick handed the reins over to Sydney based Andrew in August 2011 and Baby Beehinds continues as a 100% Australian owned family business. Update Feb 2014: Leanne & Luke are the proud new owners of Baby Beehinds and committed to building on this great Aussie brand. All Baby Beehinds products are produced via fai... READ MORE

Behind the Brand: Thirsties

Added on 09 December 2013 in Behind the Brand, Ethical manufacture, Thirsties   |   0 comments

Thirsties is run by the Merrill family (three generations if you include the youngest who are testers and models!) and they strive to not only provide great cloth nappying products, but to do so while operating in accordance with superior ethical business practices. This is something very important to us at Darlings Downunder. The Thirsties team are committed to creating only the highest quality products with exceptional design and performance. Every aspect of the design of their nappies is care... READ MORE

Behind the Brand: BumGenius & Flip

Added on 05 January 2013 in Behind the Brand, BumGenius, Ethical manufacture, Flip   |   0 comments

Jenn Labit started her company, Cotton Babies, in 2002 with $100 worth of product in a tiny green milkcrate stored on a shelf in her kitchen. It grew from there to a bookshelf, then a closet, then a bedroom, then a basement and finally, the business exploded into commercial space.  In 2005, Jenn and husband, Jimmy, created the first BumGenius One-Size Reusable Diaper. The intent behind the BumGenius brand was to make cloth nappies easy enough for anyone to use - to make them as easy as ... READ MORE