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Baby Beehinds Swim Pack Giveaway

Added on 21 October 2015 in Baby Beehinds, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

Baby Beehinds have recently launched their One Size Swim Nappy, and we're having a little giveaway to celebrate! 

This reusable swim nappy adjusts to fit from 5 to 20kg, has soft suedecloth inside, and is excellent at containment. It's also easy to get on and off - great for those quick changes!

For the perfect combo for any little swimmer, we're giving away a swim nappy AND a wetbag in the same gorgeous Lime Pop print. Wetbags are invaluable after swimming - you can carry home wet togs and towel securely in this waterproof bag.


To enter, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven't already), then leave a comment below letting us know why you'd like to win this Baby Beehinds Swim Pack.

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: And the winner is:

  • Rita

Please email us to claim your prize before 5 November 2015.


Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • Entry must be posted/received between 21 to 29 October 2015
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winner will be announced here Friday 30 October 2015


Posted by Jo Loesch on 22 October 2015

Would love to have my lil man wearing this to our swimming sessions soon!

Posted by Holly Yeatman on 22 October 2015

I'd love to add the wetbag and swim nappy to our collection of gorgeous BBH nappies - lime pop is definitely our favourite pattern in nappy cover this spring!

Posted by Lori on 22 October 2015

This pack would be perfect for us this summer, our 1 year old has never really been in the pool or to the beach as she was a bit little last summer. I'd love to try the BBH swim nappy on her!

Posted by Rita on 22 October 2015

Would love to win this swim pack, as want to teach bubs (and hubby who is not from Australia) the importance of learning how to swim from an early age (dad and bubs will be starting swim classes together later this year) :-)

Posted by Jemma Thomas on 22 October 2015

Living at the beach and currently not having a swim nappy this would be ideal to get the summer started :) !! Plus the lime pop, looks so refreshing (just like getting out of the water on a hot day ;) ) !!

Posted by Kelly on 22 October 2015

We are moving from the cold of Canberra to the sun and surf of Queensland, so my baby needs to learn to swim!

Posted by Louise Smith on 22 October 2015

Bailey would love one of these for his first summer. We can't wait for our output door pool to open so we can spend our summer splashing away as he just loves water! It's had to get him out of the bath and he's only 7 months old!

Posted by Cassandra Purkiss on 22 October 2015

Im new to cloth and dont have a swimming nappy. Id love to protect the environment that little bit more by avoiding disposable swim nappies. Thank you for the opportunity :)

Posted by Louise on 22 October 2015

The pattern would look so adorable on bubs tushie.

Posted by Stacey on 22 October 2015

My baby boy is going to start swimming lessons soon - we'd love a Baby Beehinds swim nappy and wet bag to help get us started!

Posted by melissa on 22 October 2015

It's already hot here, I predict we will be spending a lot of time in the pool. I need an easy nappy like this so I don't need to stress about mess and waste valuable time that could be spent doing more splashing with my beautiful babies!

Posted by Donna Choi on 22 October 2015

I'd love a BBH swim nappy, the velcro would be perfect for getting my 14mo into her swim nappy quickly, she's always on the go and never wants to stay still!

Posted by Amy on 22 October 2015

Such a cute pattern! My daughter is just about to be too big for our current swim nappy so a new one would be just wonderful!

Posted by Monika Colic on 22 October 2015

I'd like to win this first swim nappy for my baby boy arriving soon. Swim nappy is the only thing we don't have in our building stash

Posted by Diorela Paguia on 22 October 2015

I would like to win this Baby Beehind swim pack since my little miss doesn't have one yet and it would be perfect for our 1st summer here in Brisbane.

Posted by Laura on 22 October 2015

I would love this pack ready for summer swimming lessons

Posted by Kez on 22 October 2015

With my little one diagnosed at 3mths with asthma swimming is very important to us, so are our swim nappies. We would love to win one of these!

Posted by Lisa on 22 October 2015

Love to have this ready for my now 2mth old to teach him to swim.

Posted by Tracey on 22 October 2015

The weather is warming up and my little boy loves swimming! At the moment we're using disposable swim nappies and they aren't great. Would love to try a cloth swim nappies :)

Posted by Cath on 22 October 2015

Have a brand new baby girl who will be starting her first swimming lessons in a few weeks. This would be just perfect for us.

Posted by Jenni on 22 October 2015

Would love this little swim nappy for our little man - a future scuba diver in the making :-)

Posted by Bek scott on 22 October 2015

Would love it as my lo is doing swimming lessons

Posted by Michelle on 22 October 2015

Can't wait to have my little man paddling around in the lake near where we live and this would look super cute on him! ????

Posted by Alison on 22 October 2015

We've booked our holiday camping next to a beach, so we would love this for our little man! Especially as he's such a fan of his paddling pool! It would make it so much easier (and environmentally friendly) and much more stylish! We love our BBH night nappies and it would be awesome to extend our range too!

Posted by Kerry-Anne on 22 October 2015

I haven't got a swim nappy for my daughter yet. And I would love this one it would look so cute on her.

Posted by Kaylie Smith on 22 October 2015

We love Baby Beehind nappies and this pack would help replenish our stash after a five year gap between bubs! Q great way to replenish!

Posted by Dee on 22 October 2015

Would love to win to pass onto my sister and brother in law. Their bub will be starting lessons soon and I know they haven't started their swim nappy collection yet!

Posted by Emma on 22 October 2015

Would love to win this package as I was never a good swimmer and so I would like to start my daughter with swimming lessons early so she has the confidence that I never had.

Posted by Lauren Cross on 22 October 2015

Bubby is due on 21 Jan - very excited to take him or her to Baby Splash.

Posted by tanya on 22 October 2015

Would love to have this package for my little one to use when I enroll him in his first swimming lessons next month.

Posted by Naomi on 22 October 2015

With our first little one due next month we want her to have a beach loving upbringing just like her mum...I can just imagine a cute cloth bum sitting in the sand while visiting grandma at Bondi beach....too cute!!

Posted by Erin Stevenson on 22 October 2015

My little chick has just started swimming lessons and if we won this I wouldn't have to ruin one of my BBH covers using it as a swim nappy! Think of the poor nappy cover!

Posted by Carly Hayes on 22 October 2015

I would love to win this for my son, all of his are now too small (great that this BBH is one size) and he needs a swim nappy for swimming lessons.

Posted by Melanie Smith on 22 October 2015

It's turned into beach weather and I haven't purchased my chubba bubbas swim nappies yet. I would much prefer to see her rocking out in the water in a cloth swim nappy instead of disposable.

Posted by Laura Pearce-wilson on 22 October 2015

I'd love to win the swim nappy as I really want one to add to my nappy stash but haven't been able to afford one yet

Posted by Ivonne Whitehouse on 22 October 2015

My little boy loves the water and we just got a last minute spot in a Aquababy class and would love to celebrate it with this gorgeous swim nappy.

Posted by Joy on 22 October 2015

My SIL is having a baby and they don't have much. I'd love to win this to give to her (and then PRAYING I can steal it back to borrow if I ever get my rainbow baby).

Posted by Kirsty F on 22 October 2015

This is such a beautiful pattern and would look gorgeous on my baby girl this summer

Posted by Alison on 22 October 2015

My daughter was born 2 weeks ago and I would love this swim nappy for her. I used cloth/swim nappies with my son (now 3 years old), but the swim nappy is blue. A gorgeous lime nappy would suit my little princess so much better!! :)

Posted by Sky Waylor on 22 October 2015

This will be bub's first summer! We want him to love the water & start swim lessons with dad as he grows older. Would love the BBH swim nappy that can grow with him!

Posted by Merydith on 22 October 2015

I would love a swim nappy for our little squish thats due next year.

Posted by Belinda Smith on 22 October 2015

We would love to win this gorgeous BBH prize! We live near the water, so bub has been in lessons for a while now, but we have to keep buying the sized nappies - OSFM would be ideal. And the Velcro is Daddy-friendly.

Posted by Brioni Scouler on 22 October 2015

Would love to win this swim nappy for my 7 mths old daughter :)!!

Posted by Marie Lawn on 22 October 2015

As DD#2 is nearing her 1st birthday and still refuses to eat most solids, any #2 messes are usually runny. From experience with DD#1 I know that pulling a swim nappy full of runny poop off is pretty disgusting, especially if it was unexpected. How much more civalized to be able to lie baby down and change like a regular nappy. And in style as well! Not to mention the benefits of a wetbag, please oh please pick me! Would really love to get back to the pool and shift some of this baby weight (oh who am I kidding, chocolate cake weight!) ;-)

Posted by Emmeline on 22 October 2015

Would love to win this as I'd love to try this brand of swim nappy in this gorgeous print <3

Posted by Carolyne on 22 October 2015

With our 2 year old in a OSFM swim nappy, we don't have one to pass down to our 4 week old (like the rest of his clothes). Would be wonderful to have a swim set of his own in time for summer!

Posted by Kate Marconi on 22 October 2015

I'd love to win this as not only is it a gorgeous pattern and design, it also would be great for the hot summer we are about to endure. My little girl would look so cute and be the envy of all her little friends wearing this swim nappy!!

Posted by kylie on 22 October 2015

Our little bumble bug would BEE so sweet in this gorgeous nappy. Wether we BEE at the BEEach or by the pool she'll look cute while staying cool.

Posted by Nancy on 22 October 2015

the money i will save from buying swim nappies

Posted by Carissa on 22 October 2015

We would love to win this swim pack, because we go through so many swim nappies with the pool in the back yard and swimming lessons

Posted by Katrina on 22 October 2015

I've just started swimming lessons with my 3 month old and am just using a nappy shell for a swim nappy at the moment not knowing where to start with choosing a swim nappy. To win this pack would be great having a proper swim nappy for our lessons and days down the beach.

Posted by Rachel on 23 October 2015

Would be stoked to win this swim nappy, its so gorgeous! Boys can wear flowers can't they :)

Posted by Elizabeth on 23 October 2015

I'd love this swim nappy/wet bag set for my little munchkin. He's just started swimming lessons at 6 months and is love a swim nappy that grows with him, and is super cute to boot!

Posted by Greta on 23 October 2015

Our first is due in a few weeks! I'd love to win this swim nappy pack as taking him/her to swimming lessons would be a priority for me having lost a sister to drowning!

Posted by Kristy on 24 October 2015

I would love to win the swim nappy and wet bag for my little one. It would save me a lot of money from the purchase of disposable swim nappies which are chemical laden. Plus they are super cute and will help to save the environment.

Posted by Amy on 24 October 2015

My little one is only 8 days old but if he's anything like his mum he will be a water-loving child. I don't have a swim nappy for him yet so this would be a wonderful addition to our nappy stash and will get much use over the coming hot months!

Posted by Corinne P on 24 October 2015

I would love to win one for my little man - he's just starting swimming and it'll be perfectly in time for when we visit his grandparents who love to go sailing!

Posted by Julia B on 25 October 2015

This would be super useful, as I have a 1yo and a 3yo and this would mean that I could use it on either of them depending on our need that day :-)

Posted by Alex on 26 October 2015

The shame of a failed disposable nappy at swim school will stay with me and the other parents forever. Reusable nappies surely must be better!? Please!

Posted by Georgina on 28 October 2015

My first baby is due this coming January. I'm hoping to take full advantage of my in-laws pool and I'm hoping for the baby currently known as Fergal the Fantastic Fetus to join me. Breastfeeding in the pool sounds like just the way to stay sane (and cool) as a new mum!

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