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Arrival of Close New Gen V2 Pop-In Nappies

Added on 10 March 2014 in Close, New arrivals

The Close New Gen V2 Pop-In Cloth Nappy - the latest version of Close's award winning one size (3-16kg) All-in-2 style modern cloth nappy - arrived at Darlings Downunder last week, and we've had some customers asking about the differences between the 'old' Pop-In nappies and these 'New Gen V2' ones.


First up, here's a closer look at the brand new, All-in-2 style Close New Gen V2 Pop-In Nappy:


So how is this different from the discontinued Close New Gen Pop-In Nappy?

The Nappy Shell/Outer

There are two design changes to the Pop-In shell:

- Placement of the laundry tabs: This used to be on the inside back of the nappy, which some people found an awkward position, and (while we never found it to be an issue) there were concerns it could rub. The laundry tabs are now hidden, and don't come into contact with the skin. They are also directly adjacent to the hook & loop closures, so are more convenient.

- Addition of elastic to the front and rear waterproof flaps inside. This helps the inner flaps lie flat and smooth - they won't ride up!

The Bamboo Soakers

- The nappies are now only available with Bamboo soakers. Minkee Soaker Sets are still available separately, though, for those who want some extra soakers with the stay dry feel and fast drying nature of Close Minkee.

- There are several design changes to the soakers themselves, primarily to reduce bulk. The rear of the bamboo soaker no longer includes elastic (just in the sides), and the soaker attaches at the back to snaps on tabs, rather than to the shell itself. This makes for a more comfortable and secure leak proof fit at the back. This also means, though, that soakers from the previous version of this nappy will only snap in at the front, as the rear snaps are different.


The Close New Gen V2 Pop-In nappy is available in the same 'Bright' colours as before, but there is a new 'Pastels' range available in the discount bulk packages. There are also 4 gorgeous new prints: Russian Dolls, Hippos, Robots and Lions. Have a closer look at them here:

Purchase one of these very popular nappies here.


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