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20% Off Super Undies Trainers!

Added on 02 September 2011 in Sales & Promotions, Super Undies

We have 20% Off Super Undies Pull On Trainers and Pocket Trainers! Get in quickly to secure some of these fantastic training pants at this great price!

Over the next few days we'll be looking at a number of the products we stock that help with toilet training/learning, and we're starting with the fabulous Super Undies.

The Pull On Trainers are exactly that - stretchy sides make them easy to pull up and down and the built in absorbency and waterproof outers catch accidents. These are great for children who are well on the way to being toilet trained and just need some extra security.

The Pocket Trainers have a pocket (obviously!) which can be used to boost absorbency for those children who need extra. While they still have the stretchy sides and can be pulled up and down, they also unsnap (with the snaps at the back, so they can't be undone by toddlers!) - which is great for clean up in the case of a poo accident.

We're extremely proud to be an Official Australian Despatch Depot of Super Undies Super Hero Equipment - they are fabulous products.

But we're not just having a sale on the Super Undies daytime Training Pants. We've got something special for you direct from Super Undies Secret Headquarters!

Laura (the mum/super hero behind the Super Undies brand) was very excited when she heard we wanted to profile Super Undies training pants during the Cloth Nappy Hunt.  She generously offered to answer questions from our customers about toilet training/learning and specific questions about using Super Undies products. You guys came up with so many good questions that she ended up making TWO videos (we'll post the other one soon). Isn't it great seeing the person behind the products?

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