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12 Fluffy Days of Christmas Giveaway - Close Pop-In Trial Pack

Added on 09 December 2015 in Close, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

I can't believe it's Day 9 of our 12 Fluffy Days of Christmas Giveaway already! Today's prize is a Close Pop-In Trial Pack. It contains a print Close Pop-in New Gen V2 Cloth Nappy (the winner's choice which of the four prints!), a 10 pack of Close Bamboo Wipes and mini wetbag, and a Close Night Booster!


To enter our giveaway, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven’t already), then leave a comment below letting us know which Close product you'd find most useful.


Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • You must enter between 9 and 12 December 2015
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winner will be announced here Monday 14 December 2015

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: Here is the winner:

  • Eliza

Please email us to claim your prize before end of 16 December 2015.


Posted by Tamara on 09 December 2015

The Nappy for sure!! they are such a reliable nappy and really contain a number 3!

Posted by Holly Yeatman on 09 December 2015

I would find the wipes most useful right now - we are just using cheapy face washers and they tend to leave quite a lot of fluff behind so it would be nice to have some better quality wipes in our stash.

Posted by Brooke on 09 December 2015

I'm just beginning my cloth nappy journey with my 7 month old (after many unrelated complications for the first 5-6 months meaning we couldn't cope with starting until now), so it all would be extremely useful, but especially the cloth nappy of course!

Posted by Michelle on 09 December 2015

???? oh wow! Those lovely nappies with night booster inside for my boy that loves to drink loads ??????????????

Posted by Caitlin on 09 December 2015

I would find the wipes most useful, we use family cloth wipes for everyone and with a bubba in nappies aswell we never seem to have enough

Posted by Laura on 09 December 2015

All of the products would be handy but the nappy and the night booster would go a long way to helping me overcome wet sheets during the night.

Posted by Kelly Chan on 09 December 2015

I love the hippo print as it goes with my little one's favourite bedtime story - I can recite it by heart! "Two happening hippos, bouncing and bopping..." And as for the most useful close product, I think the coverall bibs are amazing. I have one already and they are the only bib where there is a hope of not having to change clothes straight after meal time! I expect they will also make a great art and craft smock when they are not required for food anymore.

Posted by Amy on 09 December 2015

I'd definitely find the nappy most useful. I have filled my stash with mostly snap closures but now discovering hook and loop fit my chicken legged bub better! ????

Posted by Rita on 09 December 2015

We would find the night booster most useful, because as we all know it can be difficult to transition to full-time cloth, but with the Close night booster I would feel assured that I was using a great quality product, minimising the chance of any leaks! :-D

Posted by Laura on 09 December 2015

The nappy! I always need (and love) more nappies in my stash.

Posted by Katrina on 09 December 2015

I haven't tried any of the Close products yet, would love to though, the car seat protectors would be handy for when bub has a poonami in the car.

Posted by Carolyne Bird on 09 December 2015

We have Close nappies and wipes for our toddler, but a new one for the baby, including night booster would be so handy as his wee output increases over nights.

Posted by Laura Pearce-Wilson on 09 December 2015

Close pop in nappies would be the most useful for me. My baby is due in 6 days and I still need more nappies for my stash

Posted by Greta on 09 December 2015

The close pop in nappy! I've heard so many excellent reviews about it and would love to try it on my one week old baby boy especially as a night nappy.

Posted by Emmanuel Gnanamanickam on 09 December 2015

The close pop-in nappies..... I dont really know much about them....lol.... but if my wife's nagging to buy it is anything to go by it must be pretty darn.... Would love to win it for her (and for me too - the nagging may stop at least temporarily ;)

Posted by Sky Waylor on 09 December 2015

Night booster for us - bub's nightly urine output has increased!

Posted by Leanne on 09 December 2015

Just recently purchase our first small box if Pop-ins and are hooked on the nappy with night booster!

Posted by Kate Marconi on 09 December 2015

I love the cloth wipes, they are good quality wipes and the colours are fantastic.

Posted by Louise on 09 December 2015

The car seat protector. Would be good insurance against any poo-plosions while in transit!

Posted by Eliza on 09 December 2015

I would find the close wipes most useful for us right now. We have recently begun our cloth journey and are only using some cheap facewashers for wipes we would love to try the close wipes. We haven't tried any of the close pop-in products yet so anything would be amazing to try.

Posted by Helen on 09 December 2015

The pop in wipes would be most useful right now. Love the nappies, they are my go-to

Posted by Samantha Allen-Stephens on 09 December 2015

I'd find the close bamboo wipes most useful because you can never have enough wipes!

Posted by Steph freeman on 10 December 2015

The mini wet bag would be fantastic for holding togs after a trip to the pool this summer

Posted by Jasmine on 10 December 2015

Besides the nappies, the Close car seat protector would be the most useful for our little one. How wonderful not to have to wash the whole car seat!

Posted by Christina on 10 December 2015

We have been in disposables overnight for my 1 year old because I haven't been able to find a night nappy that absorbs enough for all night. The Close Pop-in V2 with night booster looks like it might be that nappy! It would be really useful to try.

Posted by Tim on 10 December 2015

the Close car seat protectors - snack crumbs, sticky little hands, spilled juice - we are forever cleaning our car seat!

Posted by Eunice on 10 December 2015

The nappy is great for day and night!

Posted by Kateryna on 10 December 2015

The nappy for sure, would love to try the new V2 with cute Hippo print.

Posted by Jessica on 10 December 2015

I'd find the newborn nappies most useful. Our first bub is due in 3 weeks & is likely to only be little so he might not fit the gorgeous close osfm we bought him.

Posted by Diorela Paguia on 11 December 2015

Definitely the nappy together with the night booster is the most useful for me. Having the perfect combination during the night would give your bub a goodnight sleep without having to worry about leaks or a loud cry in the middle of the night due to wetness.

Posted by Melony Pedersen on 11 December 2015

The most useful Close product would have to be the nappies because they can be used anytime of the day or night and anywhere you can take a baby

Posted by Jo Loesch on 11 December 2015

Night boosters are a saviour for sure, No leaks, perfect nights everytime!

Posted by Ruth on 11 December 2015

I would love to try these nappies! I've heard so much about them.

Posted by Stacey M on 11 December 2015

The close pop-in V2 nappies really are the best. They are our go-to nappy when we leave the house because I know they can handle whatever is thrown at them! It would be so useful to have another one as we don't have enough - I'm always disappointed when they are in the wash and we have to find another nappy when we go out!

Posted by Melanie on 11 December 2015

I love the close pop in nappies. Having a few more would be very handy!

Posted by Kara Nevell on 11 December 2015

Right now, I could really use some clean and fresh close pop-in wipes! My washing machine has been out of action

Posted by Samantha on 12 December 2015

I would find the night booster most useful as we currently don't have a very viable night time solution.

Posted by Julia B on 12 December 2015

The nappy for sure :-) I'll have 2 in cloth nappies next year and I love the versatility of their nappies!

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