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12 Fluffy Days of Christmas Giveaway - Cheeky Wipes Bamboo Wipes

Added on 07 December 2015 in Cheeky Wipes, Darlings Downunder, Giveaways & competitions

For the Day 7 of our 12 Fluffy Days of Christmas celebration, we're giving away a 10 pack of soft reusable Bamboo Wipes from Cheeky Wipes. Cheeky Wipes is the original and best cloth wipes system - you should check out their kits if you haven't seen them before.


To enter our giveaway, just sign up to our newsletter (if you haven’t already), then leave a comment below letting us know your favourite feature of the Cheeky Wipes Kits (if you use one) or what sounds great about them (if you haven't).


Some conditions:

  • Competition is only open to Australian residents who are over 18 years
  • You must enter between 7 and 12 December 2015
  • Winners will be chosen by Darlings Downunder based on their entry
  • Winner will be announced here Monday 14 December 2015

**** THIS COMPETITION IS FINISHED: Here is the winner:

  • Kelly Chan

Please email us to claim your prize before end of 16 December 2015.


Posted by Laura on 07 December 2015

I love that my babys butt is free of chemicals!!!!

Posted by Melony Pedersen on 07 December 2015

I love that everything needed to use cloth wipes is included in the Cheeky Wipes Kit

Posted by Bernadette agoston on 07 December 2015

I have yet to be able to try cheeky wipes but i love the fact that they are reusable. You can use them over and over again and not worry about the damage to the enviroment from landfill!!

Posted by Bron on 07 December 2015

cute flip top containers to store wipes neatly :)

Posted by Tamara on 07 December 2015

It's an organised system that is simple to use and healthy for baby and the environment.

Posted by Cath on 07 December 2015

I love that you have everything you need in one pack and that there are no chemicals on my bubbas precious booty. The oils smell amazing too, the nursery always smells so nice....

Posted by Kelly Chan on 07 December 2015

I've heard great things about these wipes. I'm all set at the change table, but I'd actually really like to try these for hands and faces stored in our high chair caddy. My little one insists on being the one to hold the spoon. Whilst I admire his independence, the clean up after every meal is epic!

Posted by Brooke on 07 December 2015

I love the idea of a one-handed operating clip system - I never have enough hands when changing bubs out and about! :-)

Posted by Chloe Barber on 07 December 2015

I love the essential oils!! Each oil serves a great purpose and I'm sure they smell just as great

Posted by Sky Waylor on 07 December 2015

I love the softness of these wipes. Bub is teething & gets bouts of nappy rash. Cheeky wipes are so gentle on his irritated skin. I also use them for face & hands - they are great for clean up.

Posted by Greta on 08 December 2015

I love that you can get everything in one package and it is free of chemicals.

Posted by Kirsty on 08 December 2015

I love the smell of the essential oils and how easy they are to use with such a great set up system!

Posted by Ruth on 08 December 2015

I love how easy they look to use. The best products are often the simplest!

Posted by Samantha on 08 December 2015

I love that with the cheeky wipes kit I know exactly what I'm wiping my babies bottom with and the fact they have such a wide range of uses and are so simple.

Posted by Emily on 08 December 2015

I currently use cheeky wipes and I LOVE how I never run out of wipes (plus no chemicals on bub's bum).

Posted by Kate Marconi on 08 December 2015

I love that there are no chemicals used to clean my baby's beautiful tooshy.

Posted by Kathy on 08 December 2015

Apart from being safer for bub and environmentally friendly.. Having the kit right next to me when I need it rather than having to run back to the basin because the mess was a little bigger than I anticipated, that would be so appreciated in my house!

Posted by Miriam on 08 December 2015

I love the easy open lids and the clear, colour-coded system for clean/mucky wipes separation.

Posted by Katrina on 08 December 2015

I've never used Cheeky Wipes before as I made my own cloth wipes. For out and about I've just been using disposable wipes as I don't have enough wet bags to carry wet cloth wipes, the Cheeky Wipes Out & About bags would fix this making it so I can be using cloth 100% of the time.

Posted by Georgina Clarke on 08 December 2015

A Cheeky Wipes kit is on my wish list as I prepare for my baby's arrival at the end of Jan. It just looks like such a simple, easy, no-fuss system. After all, why wouldn't you use cloth wipes if you bother to use cloth nappies?!

Posted by Cara S on 08 December 2015

I love that the Cheeky Wipes kit uses natural fibres and it just a simple as disposable wipes. The boxes are cute and no oversized and they are easy when out of the house.

Posted by Jasmine on 08 December 2015

Love the idea of no longer needing to buy wipes! There are so many other lovely features but I just need to convince the hubby =)

Posted by Rebecca Schumann on 09 December 2015

At the moment we use home made wipes with scrap fabric I had to cut down on costs. I have heard the natural fabric selection of these wipes are amazing and that the essential oil blends you can get for them are beautiful on bubs skin which would be perfect for my next Bub due in three weeks!

Posted by Elise Strange on 09 December 2015

I love the Cheeky Wipes system - saves so much money compared with disposable wipes and I can be sure there are no harmful chemicals coming in contact with bubs skin. Would love some extra wipes for my system!

Posted by Victoria on 09 December 2015

Cheeky wipes system has been on my Wishlist for this bub as it sounds like a great way to use cloth wipes outside of the house aswell as inside.

Posted by Leela Joy on 10 December 2015

Have not tried Cheeky wipes system yet but would love to. I like the idea of the essential oils being used.

Posted by Christina on 10 December 2015

I'm seriously happy I can get at a ready wet wipe with one hand, while the other holds a squirmy baby on the change table, with the Cheeky Wipes system.

Posted by Eunice on 10 December 2015

I have not used the kit but love that it helps save money and is gentle on bub's bum

Posted by Kateryna on 10 December 2015

I haven't tried cheeky wipes system but heard lots of positive reviews about it, considering to give it a go..

Posted by Stacey M on 11 December 2015

*sigh* I have been meaning for so long to get myself organised and start using cloth wipes, but I never seem to get around to it! Please help me get organised with some cheeky wipes so I can stop using disposable wipes with nasty chemicals on bub!

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