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Sun Damage & Cloth Nappies

Added on 18 January 2017 in Darlings Downunder, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

We've had a few scorching days recently and it's only going get worse before summer's over. Sun is a great natural bleach for our cloth nappies (and it's much better for the environment and your pocket than a clothes dryer!), but you need to be aware of other (less benevolent) consequences of the sun so you can get the most out your nappies. The sun can be extremely damaging - not just to skin and the plants in our garden - but to fabrics as well. You've seen the sun fade curtains over time, a... READ MORE

Getting into Cloth Nappies with Trial Packs

Added on 17 January 2017 in Darlings Downunder   |   0 comments

Are you planning on using cloth nappies with your baby but are still in the haze of researching the huge array of modern cloth nappy styles and brands, and really don't know where to start? Our Cloth Nappy Starter Packs are designed just for you. We have a range incorporating some of our best selling brands in mixes trial packs so you get to experience several different brands with different features to help you decide what will work best for you. Our Starter Packs are discounted as well! We've ... READ MORE

New Release Designer Bums Nappy Giveaway!

Added on 16 January 2017 in Designer Bums, Giveaways & competitions, New arrivals   |   48 comments

We're super excited that the brand new 'Art Pop' Designer Bums Modern Cloth Nappies are being released on Tuesday 17 January at 7pm! We have our stock here and IT'S ALL GORGEOUS!!!! You will love these exclusive artist designed prints in this fabulous Aussie nappy. We're even more excited that we get to give one of these awesome nappies away in exchange for a review for our blog! [If you can't wait, you can grab one of these nappies here before they sell out!] To decide who we'll be sending... READ MORE

Bubblebubs Candies All-in-2 Cloth Nappy Review

Added on 09 January 2017 in Bubblebubs, Darlings Downunder   |   0 comments

We are thrilled that Victoria's (from Squiggles and Bubbles and supporter member of the Australian Nappy Association) sister-in-law is writing some guest posts for us as she uses cloth nappies for the first time with her newborn baby! The popular Bubblebubs Candies All-in-2 Modern Cloth Nappy is the first one, and here is her review. Bubblebubs Candies Nappy: Mummy A's Review Mummy A is a stay-at-home mum to newborn baby girl, Squishels and loving, wife of Daddy J. In her free time, she enjo... READ MORE

Which GroVia Soaker Pad: No Prep or Organic?

Added on 07 January 2017 in Darlings Downunder, GroVia   |   0 comments

If you're a fan of the GroVia brand (or even if you're just researching their products) you may be aware that there have been several absorbent options to use with their All-in-2 Hybrid cloth nappy system over the years. It can be a bit confusing, so here's a summary of what's currently available. Here's a quick comparison between the GroVia No Prep Soaker Pads and Organic Cotton Soaker Pads, GroVia Biosoakers and GroVia Bamboo Prefolds, all which can be used in the GroVia All-in-2 Hybrid Nappy ... READ MORE

NEW Pikapu AIO One Size Nappy Demonstration

Added on 06 January 2017 in New arrivals, pikapu   |   0 comments

So, towards the end of last year we heard some exciting news about one of our long time brands - Pikapu. Pikapu now has a new owner (still Australian!) and a new range! The biggest changes are to the flagship nappy, the Pikapu AIO Onesize Nappy. Now the new owner has kept everything we love about the Pikapu All-in-One Nappy: large size range fitting from 3 to 18kg same easy to use, fast drying design leg gussets for great fit attractive price point of $29.95 each (less in packages) .... READ MORE

Smart Bottoms Nappy Brand is here!

Added on 05 January 2017 in Darlings Downunder, New arrivals, Smart Bottoms   |   0 comments

We are really excited that Smart Bottoms has joined the lineup here at Darlings Downunder. We've had an eye on this USA made brand for quite a while, so it's great to finally have them here. Find our Smart Bottoms range here. Smart Bottoms have developed a reputation for high quality, practical reusable nappy products and we're sure you'll love their range as much as we do. The main act is their organic OSFM (one size fits most) Smart Bottoms 3.1 All-in-One modern cloth nappy. The Smart ... READ MORE

RAWr Soakmaster1000 Night Nappy Demonstration

Added on 04 January 2017 in New arrivals, RAWr Nappies   |   0 comments

RAWr Nappies is an awesome Tasmanian business with passion for ethical and sustainable manufacture. They are also specialists in cloth nappies for night. RAWr have recently launched their latest night cloth nappy - the RAWr Soakmaster1000 Fitted Night Nappy. There are so many great things about this night nappy: it's one size, adjusting to fit from 6kg to 20kg+, so you don't need to buy several sizes athletic jersey CoolMax fabric inside helps bubs feel dry side snaps reduce bulk at the fro... READ MORE