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NEW! Pikapu Sleep Music CD

Added on 09 September 2014 in New arrivals, pikapu   |   0 comments

'Honey Keys' is a CD of gorgeous, relaxing music from a collaboration between pikapu and local Melbourne musician, Justin Hunter, who has composed and produced the calming tracks. Perfect for creating a calm and relaxed mood for bedtime or cuddles, this is also great background music for grownups - we love to listen to this CD while we're working! Have a listen to a sample track from this album:   Purchase the 'Honey Keys' CD here. ... READ MORE

Spence & Marie are here!

Added on 02 September 2014 in BumGenius, New arrivals   |   0 comments

  We're very excited that the latest BumGenius Limited Edition prints are here (and that we actually managed to get some!). BumGenius' limited editions are very popular and sell out extremely quickly. There were only limited numbers available to retailers and they sold out in about an hour - so we were very lucky! This restricted availability means that while we able to get both 'Spence' and 'Marie', we could only get Spence in 4.0 pocket nappies and Marie in Freetimes. They are expected t... READ MORE

Brand new prints from SoftBums!

Added on 31 August 2014 in New arrivals, SoftBums   |   0 comments

Look what has arrived at Darlings HQ! The new (gorgeous) SoftBums cloth nappy colours Puddle, Froggy and Love Blossom! So pretty...   SoftBums nappies have 'Slide2Size' adjustable leg elastic, making it possible for their nappies to fit any size baby - including newborns with skinny legs. A tiny unobtrusive toggle means you can adjust the leg elastic - even when the baby is wearing it! There are two typpes of shell: Echo - a pure All-in-2 style that you can snap inserts (or 'pods') into... READ MORE

Nappy versus Diaper

Added on 19 August 2014 in Darlings Downunder, General Info & Advice, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   0 comments

Have you ever wondered why Americans say 'diaper' and we say 'nappy'? If you're a bit of a language nut like me, settle in for a history lesson. Otherwise, feel free to visit more interesting pages of our website! Following a discussion in an international Great Cloth Diaper Change organisers group, I started looking into the origin of the different words we use for what we put on our babies' bottoms, namely 'diaper' versus 'nappy'. Diaper is what they use in North America, and Nappy is t... READ MORE

More Award Winning Products!

Added on 13 August 2014 in Close, Splash About, Tots Bots   |   0 comments

We love it when our amazing brands are recognised by awards for all their hard work and fabulous products! Congratulations to Close, Tots Bots, breastvest & Splash About for placing in the UK's huge Loved By Parents Awards 2014! We already knew you were winners! GOLD for Best Ethical Product - Close Caboo +organic Carrier   GOLD for Best Breastfeeding Top - breastvest   GOLD for Best Reusable Nappy - Tots Bots EasyFit (Tots Bots also took out best nappy design as well!) ... READ MORE

Award Winning Pea Pods One Size Nappy

Added on 12 August 2014 in Pea Pods   |   0 comments

Pea Pods' One Size Nappy recently won the Favourite Reusable Nappy Category in the My Child 2014 Excellence Awards! This is a really adaptable nappy at a budget price point, so we can see why they've become so popular since they launched in 2012. The coolest thing about this nappy is how it adapts to fit from birth to toilet training. These nappies are so simple to use‚ you'd never guess there is an ingenious adjustment system hidden neatly inside the nappy. You adjust the leg elastic JUST... READ MORE

Australian Nappy Association: Launch of 'Get Into Cloth' Kits

Added on 04 August 2014 in Australian Nappy Association, Darlings Downunder   |   0 comments

We are thrilled to be involved in something very new and exciting in the cloth nappy world. It is the Australian Nappy Association! The ANA is a brand new not-for-profit association set up by and for cloth nappy businesses and advocates to work together to promote cloth nappies. By working together, we believe the cloth nappy industry can achieve amazing things. As part of the ANA, Darlings Downunder will be pooling our strengths and skills with many other businesses, combining our resource... READ MORE

How much work are cloth nappies really?

Added on 17 July 2014 in General Info & Advice, Washing & care of cloth nappies   |   0 comments

When thinking about choosing cloth nappies, a big consideration is how much extra time and effort they will take than disposables. You can come across a lot of negative comments (usually from people who don't use cloth) that give the impression that using reusable nappies involves being chained to your washing machine, spending hours up to your elbows in poo, drowning in a never ending cycle of wet nappies.   We asked some ordinary, busy mums - who actually use cloth nappies every day - how... READ MORE